Territory of Albania is rich with mountains and hills , that makes up 2/3 of the total area. Most important mountain area for sport activities are Dajti ,Llogara, Dardha, Bozdoveci , Voskopoja, Valbona and  Thethi/ Those spots offers a lot of possibilities for a wide range of activities such as mounting , trekking, walking, caving, mount biking etc


It has been a tradition to this activity. Albanian Federation  of  Alpinism is established in the year 1958. Federation has organized  a lot of activities especially in the most spectacular mountain areas of Albania. Most important spot available for mount climbing are Biza ( Tirana District) ,Razma ( Albanian Alps) , Llogaraja ( Vlora district) , the Fir of Hotova ( Permet District) , the forest of Germenji (Kolonja district ). Lura ( Dibra district)


The mount climbing and trekking have very good natural conditions in the territory of Albania. Activities can be applying from north to south. It is known “trekking of Cika mountain” which is developed in the southwest of Albania. Trekking is organized through the very interesting track Dukat – terbac – Kudhes - Vranisht – Kuc – Qeparo . Other areas are located in the Albanian Alps as in vermosh, Theth, Razem , Boge, Valobone etc. Other areas are in mount Tomorri , Vithkuq Voskopoja, Drenova ( Korça district) , Guri I Kamjes ( Pogradec district) . the Drino valley , the track from Borsh to Zhulat  etc.

Walking. Is widely applied in Albania. Residents who lives in countryside serves as a local guide to different tracks


Skiing . Is especially applied in the region of Korça. Most important areas for this kind of activity are Voskopja and Boboshtica (Bigelli) . In these two areas are fond the ski platforms. Places suitable for skiing are Shishtavec, Biza, Gjinari ( Elbasan District) Albanian alps ( Razma, boga, Thethi, vermoshi) ,Grabova

Voskopoja is located 21 far away from city of Korça at the height of 1.160 meter above sea level. Is well known for it good and healthy  climate. On the winter it is very good for skiing and other winter sports. Village itself is very attractive with a number of churches and monasteries holding a valuable paintings and frescoes.

Razma. Is located 41 km far away from Shkodra. Is an ideal place to practice climbing and skiing. Accommodation is available there.

Caving:  one can find many caves with great interest to be explored, because of the great existence of lot of carbonate formations in Albania. In the region of Shokra there are 35 of them. Near to capital of the country there is “Pellumbasi Cave’ which is very interesting. Biggest cave in Albania is Pirrogoshi find in district of Skrapar

Mount Bike. Can be applied in Albanian Alps. Are maps prepared by Unversity of Shkodra in cooperation with university of Podgorica.

Fishing: one of the main activity in coastal zone and rivers as well. It is open all year round. Tourists can go for mountain fishing in the rivers of Valbona and Thethi.


Water sports: Rafting and Kayaking are popular in the rivers of Osum. In the segment between Qafezez – Miçan – Ciorovode. This segment there are the beautiful canyons of Osum river. Other places are the river Vjosa  ( Ura e dashit , Canyon of Lengarica), the rivers of Shala and Valbona in Albanian Apls.

Air Sports: The activity has started after the 90es. Best place to apply this sport is the Pass of Llogara where the direction of wind is very suitable. Places where the aeronautic Club of Albania organized the “free flights” are Dajti, Morava , Dhermiu.

Horse riding . It has started as activity 100 years ago in Shkodra. Was active also during the time of the kingdom . After the World War II, it practiced only by the army. Nowadays, it is more popular in Shkodra, Durres, Tirana, Elbasan ,Cerrik ,Korçe, Divjaka, Berat ,Vlora, Shishtavec.


Underwater sports: Are several parts of the Albanian coast which are excellent for diving. It is Karaburun peninsula, the island of Sazan , cape of Rodon and Lagji. Places are rich with maritime flora and fauna, shipwrecked , corals and other objects.

On the “Dhermiu beach” for each year are organized course for diving with professional licence.

Diving in Albania

In Albania it is offered multiple diving opportunities, especially in the Ionian coast where besides the rich submarine fauna you can see sank boats or archeological rests. Is not common to find diving equipment or diving clubs on the beaches, but you can use the following contact to organize a diving session:
“Diving in Albania”
Polish Diving Base
mobile international: +48 603 92 92 29
mobile Albania: +355 694 359 609
mob. Greg deRegovski: +355 695 113 923
skype: deregowskig

Manager: Martin Morawski
Instructor CMAS M2
mob. for international: +48 601 92 92 55